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Introduction and Background

On the 31st of August 2021, the cabinet has approved the principles to the proposed amendments of the PVO Amendment Bill; paving way for public hearings yet to be announced. From the cabinet report, the proposed amendments seek to combat money laundering that is perceived to be done by CSOs in the name of humanitarian aid. This seem to be the interpretation of the role of CSOs and CBOs by government hence the rationale to develop a position paper to the approved principles to the Bill. Other areas highlighted in the proposed amendments include ensuring efficient registrations, regulation and the combat of financial terrorism as way of administration streamlining for NGO operations. Important to note is the proposed amendment where the Registrar of PVO’s has been accorded powers to penalize non-compliant organizations and has been empowered to collect registration fees from PVO’s. Procedurally from now, the Bill will be tabled before the parliament and the Parliamentary Portfolio Committee on Justice, Legal and Parliamentary Affairs will commence the national hearings as per the legislative process of Zimbabwe. It is deemed strategic to proactively come up with clear position and recommendations before the consultations.  This is motivated by the desire to protect civic space through strengthened independence, transparency, peer accountability, vibrancy, ethical standards and coordination of human rights defenders in Zimbabwe.

The Position Paper if properly drafted will be used as a lobby and advocacy tool to ensure fair regulation of CSOs work, thus a confidence builder for communities, development partners and other state and non-state actors on the work of CSOs who will not be deemed as a law unto themselves. The major thrust is therefore to ensure that there is improved recognition and legitimacy of grassroots organisations. The action is important as it seeks to improve legitimacy, transparency and accountability (LTA), build public trust, protect the political space for community based organisations to operate and enhance their effectiveness. It is against this background that Citizens in Actions Southern Africa seeks to engage a consultant to provide technical assistance in the development of a Position Paper to the proposed PVO Amendments in Zimbabwe.

Purpose of the Consultancy

Specifically, the purposes of the consultancy include:

  • Development of a position paper in response to the  PVO Amendment Bill principles approved by the Cabinet.
  • Using best practices emanating from the case study to proffer recommendation and positions in response to the approved principles,
  • Come up with a simplified version or narration of the approved principle to the PVO Amendment Bill
  • Present the position paper to grassroots focussed organisations, legislators, policy makers and other stakeholders.

Expected Deliverables

The Consultant will be expected to deliver the following:

  1. A position paper in response to the  PVO Amendment Bill principles approved by the Cabinet
  2. A simplified version or narration of the approved principle to the PVO Amendment Bill

Qualifications and Experience

Qualifications and Experience: At least graduate an undergraduate university degree in law; at least five years in research of which at least 2-3 years must be with human rights law and/or development issues. Previous working experience in Zimbabwe is an added advantage.

Competences: Experience and proven competence in liaising with policy makers and NGOs within the Zimbabwean context. In addition, the candidate must possess strong research and writing skills.

Anticipated Time Frame for the Assignment

It is expected that the Position Paper will be developed over a period of three weeks at most.

To Apply

Interested applications should submit an Expression of Interest, CVs and Sample Previous Work via email address with subject line EOI for PVO Position Paper. The EOI should include methodology and budget proposal in USD$.


The deadline for submission of Expression of Interests is 10 April 2022.

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