Climate change and devastating droughts in Chipinge threaten survival of endangered species

Climate change, its devastating effects and droughts in the Chipinge district are threatening the survival of Zimbabwe’s endangered species especially elephants. Climate change has left Chipinge experiencing severe droughts which reduce the availability of animal food resulting in wildlife seeking alternative food sources outside protected areas hence end up in contact with human beings.

Population explosion around the Save valley conservancy where community members ended up clearing land to build homes and for agriculture purposes in areas previously reserved for wildlife promulgated attacks of endangered species.

The future of endangered species in Chipinge is closely linked with the resilience of the pastoral communities they share the land with. More so, recognizing that the survival of endangered species depends on the ability to co-exist with the people living near protected area, CIASA focuses on helping communities coexist with wildlife and protect endangered species.

The organization has the partnerships, knowledge and traditional systems in place to address environmental challenges and their role to support resilience practices and help communities adapt to modern realities so that can protect their resources for pastoral communities.

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