Citizens in Action Southern Africa

The Southern African community is made up of states that are seized by a plethora of problems in the areas of democratic governance as well as the rule of law. 

Southern Africa   is characterized by growing inequality and discrimination against women, youth,   and people with disabilities and sexual and gender minorities, in the face of progressive national, regional and international laws and human rights instruments. 


The Southern African region faces many economic challenges that are adversely affecting its population. These include financial crises being experienced across the globe; increased unemployment for the region’s youth; rising inflation rates with almost all countries of the region recording double-digit inflation, pushing up the cost of living; the scramble for natural resources and land by developed countries, dispossessing local communities and stripping them off their livelihoods

CIASA believes that every child deserves clean water. Our community-based approach gives us deep roots in the community. 

CIASA works with children, including the most vulnerable, help with access to quality education and attainment of functional levels of literacy, numeracy and essential life skills. When children can read, they can better advocate for their rights and help provide for their families..


Mandated to Protect, Develop and Empower women and girls in their diversity for the full realization and enjoyment of rights by all.


Women and youth must be effectively involved in the law making process. Since the implementation of these laws have impact on their day to day lives

We are in Masvingo today on an ongoing training of Law making process in Zimbabwe supported by @icodzimtrust
The aim is to capacitate local CBOs for effective mobilizationand sensition of women ,PWDs &Youths, in Policy&Legislative process.

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The organization has been established by a group of women activists coming together in recognition and belief that the organization can make a significant and positive impact in Southern Africa and beyond the region. The CIASA formation was therefore meant to tackle important issues at a scale where it can achieve significant and measurable impacts.  

To protect, develop and empower women and girls in their diversity for the full realization and enjoyment of rights by all.