Citizens in Action Southern Africa Uncategorized CIASA capacitates Chipinge community monitors to protect endangered species

CIASA capacitates Chipinge community monitors to protect endangered species

Citizens in Action Southern Africa hold a two day community monitoring capacity building workshop on protection of endangered species on the 15th of July and 16th of July respectively in Chipinge district with the objective of equipping community monitors with the required skills in monitoring human activities that threatens endangered species in Chipinge.

The workshop follows a community stakeholder’s engagement meeting facilitated by CIASA in Chipinge in the month of June where the house agreed that placing community monitors in the district was the way to go towards mitigating poaching and attacking of endangered species.

Twenty community members from different wards of Chipinge district were technically capacitated on different ways to monitor human activities so as to protect endangered species in the district.

The team leader of CIASA, Archbald Madida said it was crucial for the organization to capacitate Chipinge community members on monitoring human activities to protect endangered species since attacks and killings of endangered species were on the rise in the district.

He went on to indicate that as an organization operating in Chipinge they saw it fit to urgently intervene before endangered species are extinct as he put it “pangolins are at the verge of extinction due to poaching by community members”.

Archbald Madida highlighted that this was one of the steps by the organization towards mitigating poaching and attacks of endangered species.

He also went on to indicate that the organization was going to be in touch with community monitors and conduct follow ups meeting to assess the progress of the intervention.

As noted from the previous meeting community monitors were to work with stakeholders like the Zimbabwe parks and wildlife management authority to work towards protecting endangered species.

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